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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Naruto Manga 528 Confirmed Spoiler


Naruto 528

No info on Hanta (TN: I'm sorry, is there a character called Hanta? I'm forgetful. I think she might be talking about HunterxHunter but I'm not sure). I have only browsed through (the magazine).

Darui realizes that he can't stay silent the whole time either.
So he talks about various things.
He remembers his convo with the Raikage. In that convo, the word "similarity" (ruiji) comes up.
Joining them together he gets the word "Da-rui" (TN: "rui" means type). Right before he gets sucked into the gourd he keeps saying "Sorry, sorry"
Instead of saying "darui" (TN: dull) repeatedly, he says "sorry" instead.
Darui doesn't get sucked into the gourd, he slashes at Ginkaku who then slams into Koukinjou. Darui steals the seven star sword and the gourd.
Ginkaku gets sucked into the gourd.
Kinkaku goes into a rage, and the chapter ends with him turning into Kyuubi-mode. 

Naruto Manga 527

Monday, February 7, 2011

Naruto Manga 527 Prediction

by: Forlong

Naruto 527

Ginkaku: Look at this cocky bastard.
Kinkaku: Reminds me of that guy that killed us.
Darui: Storm Release: Thunder Cloud.
Ginkaku and Kinkaku jump over the cloud.
Ginkaku: Come on, kid. You don't think we knew about that jutsu. You can do better than that.
Darui: Well hows this. Storm Release: Cloud Clone Jutsu!
Dozens of Kage Bunshins come at the brothers.
Gin & Kin: What the...!?
Hiashi: So many Kage Bunshins. I thought Naruto-kun was the only one who could make that many.
Cloud Shinobi: If he was using his own chakra he wouldn't be able to make so many. In fact, he has below average chakra. He was the first to truly master Storm Release. He uses almost no chakra in his jutsu, because he can harness the powers of nature itself!
Darui: Water Release: Water Wall Jutsu!
Water engulfs Gin & Kin.
Black lightning courses through the wall of water.
Cut to Muu.
Muu: !? O...Onoki!?
Kabuto: Fu fu fu. It seems that the Third Tsuchikage-sama has come to the front line. Well, I have a little surprise for him. Thank you, Sakura-san, for leaving this where I could easily find it.
Second Muzikage: Who the Hell is Onoki?
Fourth Kazekage: Idiot, did you know nothing about your own rival? Onoki-sama is the Third Tsuchikage and was Muu-sama's student.
Third Raikage: Yes. He was the only other person to master Dust Release.
Second Muzikage: Wow! I don't know who did this but I like him already. What would be a worse fate for Muu than to have to kill his own student.
Muu: I wouldn't expect you to understand the bonds others share, murder of First Mizukage-sama.
Second Muzikage: WHAT? No one was able to connect me with that.
Three coffins rise out of the ground.
Fourth Kazekage: More dead fools that what nothing more than to bicker?
Gaara: !?
Onoki: What is it, young man. Spit it out.
Gaara: They just summoned three more people and they all have insanely high levels of chakra.
Onoki: That's Muu-sama for you. He must have sensed our numbers and caught me here. Who are they.
Gaara: I'm checking right now. One is an old man with red hair. He's wearing some sort of faceplate.
Onoki: That sounds like Roshi-sama. He was the Jinchuriki for the Four Tails.
Gaara: And the other two are...
Fourth Kazekage: Master?
Gaara: The Third Kazekage and the previous Jinchuriki of the One Tail.
Onoki: Well...those are long range fighters...this is going to be tough.
Gaara: Everyone prepare to fall back. Shikamaru, take your half of the Division to back up Durai when I give the order.
Shikamaru: Roger!
Onoki: Tell me, Gaara-sama...this Naruto he really all that? Is he really worth what this will no doubt cost you?
Gaara: No. He's worth ten time more than this will cost me.
Onoki: Well...well. No way I'm going to let myself die here and miss the chance of meeting that guy now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Previous Kage's VS 5th Kazekage and 3rd Tsuchikage begin?

Next week maybe all the previous kage's will clash with the Gaara and his joint shinobi army.I can't wait battle 4th Kazekage vs 5th Kazekage.I will call this fight a reunion family.I also can't wait the battle master vs apprentice which refer to 2nd Tsuchikage vs 3rd tsuchikage.I think it will become an epic battle from the previous kage's that has summoned by Impure World Ressurrection vs 5th Kazekage and 3rd Tsuchikage.That will be tough fight from those two side.Wait for next week...

Naruto Manga 525